School Program FAQs

School Program FAQ's

How will the word “international” play out in the school? 

In an IB school, a global perspective is used throughout. Every piece of learning has a connection to our local and global community. MIMS is establishing partnerships with various organizations in Santa Fe who have an international connection and focus. For example, a partnership with the International Folk Art Market will lead to partnering our students with the international artists who come to Santa Fe. A partnership with the Center for International Relations will bring our students in contact with people who live and work in the global economy. A partnership with Creativity for Peace will put our students in the presence of Israeli and Palestinian girls who are committed to peace making. A partnership with the United World College in Montezuma, NM will connect MIMS students with the students from 80+ countries who study. Students will graduate knowing another language and Spanish and Mandarin will be the languages of choice. 

It is the hope of the school to raise sufficient funds so that each student has an opportunity live abroad at some point during their life at MIMS. 

How will Native Spanish speakers be accommodated in the school? 

An IB education requires that every student select their dominant language for their language and literature course, and an “Acquired Language" for their second language.  For a dominant English-speaking student, English would be their dominant language and Spanish or Mandarin would be their language of acquisition. For a dominant-Spanish speaking student, Spanish would be dominant language and Spanish or Mandarin would be their language of acquisition. We are attempting to create one additional content area course will be offered in Spanish, most likely Social Studies. Those content courses offered in Spanish will be open to English language students whose Spanish is good enough to do so. 

Are there academic criteria for admission into the school? 

Admission to the school is by lottery.  The IB and MIMS are for everyone and the largest growth area of the IB movement is in the United States and in public schools.  The IB fosters curiosity and commitment in its teaching and learning and we believe that all learning requires some degree of focus and commitment. The most important components in learning are to be curious, ask questions, make a commitment, and ask for help when needed. Students who do those things will do fine. We are a six-year school and will offer students plenty of opportunities to be successful.  

How big will the school be? 

We believe small schools rock!! We will open with grades seven and eight and with fifty students in each grade level for a total of 100 students. We will add a new seventh grade per year (50 students) as the other grades move up, until the school fills its mission of being a 7-12 IB School. 

Where will the school be housed? 

In our first year, MIMS will be housed in the West Wing of the DeVargas Middle School. There is a separate entrance and a separate courtyard there and plenty of opportunity to establish our own identity. At the same time, this partnership allows us to take advantage of the cafeteria, the athletics fields, the art and music programs that DeVargas offers. 

The permanent location for the school has yet to be determined but as we grow, we will be in our own establishment. 

Can I participate in athletics or other after school programs in the district? 

Yes. In the first year of the school, the school will not field athletics teams. Students at MIMS will have full availability to participate on athletic teams and/or other after school activities either at DeVargas or elsewhere. 

Will there be a dress code or uniform? 

We will have guidelines for appropriate and inappropriate dress and there will not be a uniform.