MIMS Mission, Vision & Core Values

MIMS will provide a small, personalized learning environment for students who want to excel academically and socially-emotionally while gaining in their understanding of how a rigorous and “internationally-minded” education opens doors to a successful and contented future. 

At MIMS, we believe that students learn best when they are actively engaged in the material presented, when it is made real with questions, discussions, and projects.  All students will engage in activities and projects, which address issues in one of three categories: issues facing our planet, issues facing our humanity, issues facing society’s structure.

It is not uncommon for Vision, Mission and Core Values statements to remain words on paper. At Mandela International School, this Vision guides everything we do, and remind us constantly of why we are in the best profession known, educating for the future.  

Our Vision

The Mandela International Magnet School (MIMS) is a public secondary school for grades 7-12 that utilizes the International Baccalaureate approach to empower its learners to become compassionate and principled decision makers and responsible world citizens, and to provide its learners the skills and tools to become agents of positive change.

Our Core Values...(taken from Mandela’s Way*)

• • Education is liberation.
• • People thrive in an environment of physical, emotional and intellectual safety. See the Good in Others
• • The spirit of inquiry and life-long learning is essential  to flourishing in a dynamic world.  It’s a Long Game.
• • An environment of high expectations raises standards of achievement. Look the Part, Be the Part
• • Individuals are a part of and have a responsibility for the health of their local and global communities. Have a Core Principle.
• • Individuals learn in different ways.
• • Our community is enriched by our diversity. Ubuntu
• • Our students learn more from what we do than what we say.  Lead from the front and the back.
* Title “Mandela’s Way” taken from Mandela’s Way, 15 Lessons in Life, Love and Courage by Richard Stengel

Our V, M, and Core Values and Nelson Mandela

It is an honor for our school to be named after Nelson Mandela whose life, accomplishments and the manner in which he achieved them represent values to which we aspire to live.  Mandela used his head, heart, body and soul to bring about remarkable change in his country and remains a global symbol of the valuable application of a high quality and holistic education.  
Additionally, during Mandela's 27 years in prison, he sent his three daughters out of the country for their education, to the United World College in Swaziland where he called the IB program and that school, a "beacon of freedom."  When Mandela was released from prison, he became the Honorary President of the United World College Movement from 1999 until his death in 2013.