Future Projects

The projects listed here have been proposed, and are currently being evaluated for need, feasibility and alignment with District educational goals and enrollment projections. Once these projects have been reviewed by the Citizens Review Committee, and approved by the Board of Education, project information and updates can be found under "Current Projects."

Early College Opportunities (ECO) Campus

Proposed Project Budget: $10,080,000

12/11/17 Visions in Planning is working with ECO staff to draft their educational specifications ("Ed Specs"). Ed specs are used to plan facility improvements and are a necessary first step for project prioritization.

Mandela International Baccalaureate School

Proposed Project Budget: $4,050,000

Santa Fe High School

Proposed Project Budget: $6,939,386

Provide a master plan for SFHS inclusive of all programmatic site and facility needs, prioritize site improvements, and articulate the first project to be completed with 2017 GO Bond money.

12/15/18 Master Plan complete. Phase 1 scope under review with architect, Vigil & Associates.